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Working With Your Attorney

When you need professional advice and help you turn to an attorney.

But finding and working with an attorney can be as stressful as dealing with your legal matter.

Before you start calling law firms, take some steps to simplify the process.

First, identify your legal matter and what you're looking for in an attorney. Are you looking for an advisor, an evaluator, a negotiator or a courtroom advocate.

Next, write down questions to ask at your free attorney consultation. You'll want to know each attorney's rates, past experience, payment options and communication style before signing a retainer agreement.

Once you choose an attorney, be prepared to share all relevant information with your attorney. If you're filing Bankruptcy you will need to provide copious amounts of financial documents. If you are working through a contract dispute, be prepared to provide not only the contract but also any corresponding emails, texts and negotiation documents. Creating a timeline of pertinent events could be helpful for you and your attorney.

Once you find an attorney you feel confident in, it's normal to get cold feet. Hiring an attorney can be a great expense, but consider your reasonable recovery before walking away. As my father always say, "Don't step over a dollar to get a dime."

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