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Why Don't Attorneys List Their Fees?

The cost of attorney services depends on all of the facts and circumstances of your matter. Since no two cases are exactly alike in facts and complexity, it's pretty much impossible for an attorney to have set prices.

At a minimum, an attorney will have to review your relevant documents and thoroughly interview you. Most matters also involve legal research and statutory law review.

Once you and your attorney do agree on a fee, the amount should be in writing and signed by both of you. If the amount is anticipated to be $1,000 or more, by California law, the fee agreement must be in writing.

One way to reduce your cost is to tailor the scope of your attorney's involvement. Limited scope representation could include:

  • Hiring the lawyer to prepare the forms and other court documents but filing them yourself and representing yourself at the hearings.

  • Hiring the lawyer to help you prepare the evidence that you will present in court.

If you're working with a limited legal budget, let your prospective attorney know. If they can't work with your budget, they may be able to refer you to another attorney or organization that could help you.

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