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Life's Not Always Fair, But It's Supposed To Be Legal

People treat us unfairly all the time.

The cashier waives someone over who's been standing in line for way less time than you have.

Your mother compares you to your sister, the doctor with four children and amazing bread-making skills.

Your dog bumps into you and you drop your favorite mug, shattering it on the stone pavers.

All forgivable tragedies.

But sometimes, actions rise beyond being just unfair and cross into being illegal.

The cashier who stole your credit card number and bought himself a dirt bike.

Your mother who's assumed your identity online.

Your dog who got loose and bit the mailman.

Here, it's clear which actions are simply unfair and which are against the law. But sometimes it isn't so clear and that's when a lawyer can help you determine if your rights have been violated or laws have been broken that you have a right to sue over.

Remember, people are allowed to do a lot of things you may not like, but they are not allowed to break the law.

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