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If You Hate Repeating Yourself, Hire A Solo Practitioner

Updated: May 11, 2021

I have a friend who used to work at a huge personal injury firm. He was one of about 100 lawyers in the firm and the firm handled about 20,000 cases.

Since my friend was a new attorney, he did not meet directly with potential clients. The potential clients met first with the most senior attorneys, then if they hired the firm, the clients would be assigned to an associate attorney, if that attorney left the firm, the clients would be passed on to another attorney.

After so many of the firm's clients told my friend "I have to repeat my story again?! You're the fifth attorney I've had here!" he decided to open his own solo law practice.

Working with a solo practitioner provides a level or personal service that big law firms can struggle to deliver. Solo practitioners will be the only attorney who listens to your story, the only attorney who answers your emails, the only attorney who calls you with updates on your case - you will deal directly with your attorney 100% of the time. Now that's service!

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