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Don't Step Over A Dollar To Save A Dime

My father likes to talk in axioms.

"Supply equals demand."

"No one gives what he doesn't have."

And, probably his favorite one, "Don't step over a dollar to save a dime."

When it comes to filing for Bankruptcy, the client has to give their attorney a lot of information and gather many financial documents. This process can take hours ... weeks if you procrastinate ... and, for some, it is just too overwhelming.

I think of it as, if you're asking the Bankruptcy Court to discharge $50,000 of debt, and it would take over a 1,000 hours of work to earn $50,000, isn't it a great deal to spend just 5 hours compiling your financial documents? It's like you're earning $10,000 an hour!

Your bankruptcy attorney is there to help you, but they need you to actively participate in the process. Think of supplying the requested financial statements as a step toward you taking back your financial freedom, and you won't be stepping over any dollars to do it.

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